Best Interlocking & Landscaping Services in the GTA

Best Interlocking & Landscaping Services in the GTA

Commercial landscaping Services, Oakville, ON

Our team offers responsive project management and general contracting services to ensure control and accountability for your construction project.
From initial project planning to the completion of softscaping and hardscaping, we will work in close partnership with you to make sure everything is built to your exact specifications.
Our project management team will coordinate all your needs to keep your project running smoothly, while staying in close communication with you throughout the process.
Synergy Contracting has the expertise to complete construction projects of all sizes and deliver results on specifications, on time, and on budget. Our company has in-depth experience working on major municipal and commercial projects with architects, engineers and designers all across the GTA.
We use high quality materials, employ skilled tradespeople, and leverage responsive management practices to provide a level of service that will reflect positively on your organization.
Our team is committed to creating a landscape that will represent your organization at its best. Request a quote today!

Our Services

Commercial Services - Courtyard

Interlocking Courtyards

Commercial Services - Retaining Wall + Landscaping

Landscaping + Retaining Walls

Commercial Services - Asphalt + Concrete

Asphalt + Concrete

Commercial Services - Site Services + Project Management + Fill Management + Excavating + Grading

Site Services, Project + Fill Management, Excavating + Grading

Commercial Services - Irrigation + Property Maintenance

Irrigation + Property Maintenance

news.Church Demo
The demolition of Oakridge United Church on 41st Ave near Cambie street.
photo: Dan Toulgoet


Commercial Services - Masonary + Building Maintenance

Masonary + Building Maintenance

Commercial Services - Snow & Ice Management

Snow + Ice Management